Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shape: Checkerboard

The square shapes put together on a checkerboard can also be used as shapes on a dress like this one.

Shape: Triangular Candles

This picture may help you truly appreciate your shoes. The triangular blue and red "shoes" are similar to the shape of these candles. Triangular shapes are everywhere around you, designers can really go outside the box with such a simple geometric shape.

Shape: Space House?

This dress is completely space age and futuristic. The shape of the skirt of the dress contain shutter like shapes, along with the hat which looks like what we consider to be UFO's. The picture in the background is of a model of house that is supposed to be a "space house."

Shape: Space Station

The dramatic shapes in this design may make you think of Darth Vader Star Wars. Maybe it is because the shapes are similar to those in a space craft.

Shape: Hourglass Illusion

You may always hear a women's figure being compared to an hourglass. Sometimes, the shape of the dress and shapes of the print on the dress can create that illusion.

Shape: Bell

The colors may be different, but the shape of this dress is just like a bell.

Shape: Test Tubular

This dress shape is tubular, just like these colorful test tubes. It is amazing how different two things can be, but they are still comparable in someway.