Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shape: Checkerboard

The square shapes put together on a checkerboard can also be used as shapes on a dress like this one.

Shape: Triangular Candles

This picture may help you truly appreciate your shoes. The triangular blue and red "shoes" are similar to the shape of these candles. Triangular shapes are everywhere around you, designers can really go outside the box with such a simple geometric shape.

Shape: Space House?

This dress is completely space age and futuristic. The shape of the skirt of the dress contain shutter like shapes, along with the hat which looks like what we consider to be UFO's. The picture in the background is of a model of house that is supposed to be a "space house."

Shape: Space Station

The dramatic shapes in this design may make you think of Darth Vader Star Wars. Maybe it is because the shapes are similar to those in a space craft.

Shape: Hourglass Illusion

You may always hear a women's figure being compared to an hourglass. Sometimes, the shape of the dress and shapes of the print on the dress can create that illusion.

Shape: Bell

The colors may be different, but the shape of this dress is just like a bell.

Shape: Test Tubular

This dress shape is tubular, just like these colorful test tubes. It is amazing how different two things can be, but they are still comparable in someway.

Shape: Hexagon Tiles

The hexagonal shape of this "shirt" was simply folded over and cut with an opening for the head. Simple geometric shapes are seen everywhere, such as in tiles as shown above.

Shape: Circular Record

Though this design may seem strange, the circular appearance of it can relate to many everyday things in your life. I compared it to a record, but you could also say the inspiration was a CD or even the spots on a pair of dice.

Shape: The Pyramids of Egypt

Fashion is inspired by the most unlikely and dissimilar things. Elements and principles of design are considered when designing. When looking at the element, shape, this skirt resembles the shapes of the pyramids of Egypt.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ever been to a city and seen a guitar player, singer, violinist or some sort of rugged and sketchy looking person trying to entertain people in the hopes of making a couple bucks in their empty case? What do you do? Just walk by? Glance over then rush on at your normal pace?
I came across an article (thanks to an Anonymous commenter!) where a violinist played 6 beautiful Bach pieces.

Only 6 people stopped to listen, and the young man made $32.
A couple of children pointed and wanted to watch him, but the parents quickly rushed them to get going. I guess when you are a child, everything seems new to you - things that we actually take for granted!
So, it turns out that this young man's name is Joshua Bell. Heard of him?
His violin was worth $3.5 million dollars. Just two days ago he sold out a theater in Boston - seats averaged $100!
Getting the idea? He is one of the greatest musicians in the world.
Do we stop and appreciate the little things in life? We perceived this young man to be rugged and it made us feel uneasy, when in reality, he was sharing his gift of intricate musical pieces!
My mission to you all is to pause everyone once in a while, and appreciate the simplicity we take for granted!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Changes

This is my first blog, so bear with me here. My title "Secret Inspirations" is to help people become more inspired and passionate about the world around us. The littlest things in life can inspire you to create something great. I hope that you all can find something you are passionate about whether it be something artistic, or even mathematical.

I am very interested in shoe designing, and the way they are made, so today I was just curious if there was a book out there to show me how. I stumbled upon this book.
I think I'll take a chance and purchase it, on a rainy day it could come in handy!
Think deeper than if a shoe is "pretty" or not, look beyond it and appreciate the handiwork and tedious parts of the shoe!

Check out this amazing "shoe"
Alexander McQueen (NYFW Spring 2010)

Totally amazing shoes. Though I wouldn't even consider them shoes because anyone Lady Gaga would be completely outrageous to walk in these! Speaking of Lady Gaga, she wore many designs by Alexander McQueen in her "Bad Romance" video. Look at the incredible detail on what I would say is a piece of art. You have to appreciate something so abstract.